Our Facilities

Scoda Sports Academy has it’s own sports complex and students also use the sports complex of the academy. Our campus Sports complex has its own sports club, basketball club, tennis lawn and other indoor games.

All students have the same right to use the sports complex of the Academy.

The academy has trainers of the different sports for students to train them professionally.

The department of physical education and health of Scoda Sports Academy (SSA) is placed in the building of sport complex. Teachers and trainers conduct studies in physical training during the duration of student studies. The Scoda Sports Academy (SSA) has active sections in athletics, volleyball, football, basketball, table and grass tennis, chess, swimming, aerobics, fitness, karate and others which offer a wide range of sporting opportunities.

The Scoda Sports Academy (SSA) football, volleyball and basketball teams regularly have competitons with other college and academies.

Outdoors events include tournaments on different kind of sports take place in the schools sporting facilities.

Indoor there are also a sauna and recreational studio. Our Academic section boast of well equiped lecture halls, a library, labs and vocational training halls.