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About Us

The Academy

Scoda Sports Academy is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, non-profit sharing organization.

Founded in 2007, Nationally and Officially Registered in 2010, SSA offers young men and women a balance of academics and athletics. The School allows students to grow and develop individually.

A unique college preparatory athletic academy, SSA provides students in Primary, Secondary and University a safe, secure environment in which to grow, develop and excel. Our students are ready to take on the challenge of achieving their potential academically, athletically and personally. SSA provides students the opportunity to fully develop their individual athletic abilities while preparing for the demands of college.

At SSA, we believe in student-centered curricula. Our programs are built around kids' and adults with varying athletic interests and academic pursuits. Our expectation is that they will excel within the framework of their abilities. Our curricula, small classes, and teachers are supportive and flexible. We partner with many foreign and local Academy to ensure successful development of our Athletes and the growth of SSA.

Students shall be trained and exposed abroad every summer for a few weeks by agencies and universities collaborating with SSA on the project..


Efforts is being made to secure scholarships for all the students, but while that is yet to be achieved, parents have to be responsible for the fees that is heavily subsidized by the Academy to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity because they cannot pay the fees.  

Interest Sponsors are encouraged to contact the academy administration for possible sponsorship involvement.

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